WIcked Hope – Chapter Four

Chapter Four

The annoyances in the labs were altogether different from the filthy room that was our home. Here, no one came to me to sate their perverted appetites. No, there I was left alone in a cold and brightly lit room. The machines, which monitor my vitals, beeped consistently. Normally something as simple as a beeping sound would not agitate me so, but it’s the waiting that drew me in. The sound kept me company as it consistently reverberated within the room.

The tubes that dangled towards my body were filled with an odd, pink liquid. My arm was sore where they fought to drill the needle into my flesh. I couldn’t comprehend why I struggled so. It was only a needle, and whatever fluids they fed me intravenously didn’t alter my perception of reality. The bitter air stung my grimy body. The men who visited me with their notepads took such gentle care during their inspections.

I honestly didn’t understand why the vaginal procedures were pain free. They touched me and inserted cold instruments into my pussy, but as always, their touch was merely clinical. Sometimes I watched them closely. I waited for their eyes to fill with lust or rage, but it never came. I truly believed that I was nothing more than a lab rat to the men who visited me in that place. But a lab rat for what? What were they looking for exactly?

Unlike the rest of the compound, the room was extraordinarily clean. The walls were an off-white color, which only served to make the lights appear even brighter. The metal bed that my body lay on was shiny in all of its glory, so polished that I could see the somewhat distorted reflection of my body. The restraints held me into place rather well, but the glimpses of what I could see brought tears to my eyes. So, that was what I had been reduced to. I looked animalistic. Beaten. I bet a lost dog seeking love or intervention looked better than I did at that very moment.

I closed my eyes. A small part of me was thankful for the short reprieve from the misery. There, I could close my eyes and nap without being bombarded with the incessant noises of suffering from those nearby. Yes, the room in the lab allotted me the opportunity to sleep soundly without fear of being awoken by the sound of footsteps coming closer towards us. Unfortunately, every time I closed my eyes, pictures of Sebastian’s face and memories of the grunts he made assaulted my head.

I only wanted to end our suffering. Thoughts of the despair and hopelessness that I had experienced while they submerged my head into the cow trough constantly beat at me, and it was at that very moment that I remembered being dragged away with Sebastian. I remembered glancing at the doctor when we left the room, and the look of rage and fury on his face frightened me. He was usually so sedate and controlled, but something had changed in him. It was apparent that the excitement had twisted and tainted his being. The bestial look in his eyes haunted me every time I tried to succumb to the exhaustion that plagued me.

But that was neither here nor there…

I was perfectly ready to die, to end it all for the sake of … not to sound cliché, but to end it all. It was one thing to live for the sole purpose to protect Sebastian, but those times had passed. I couldn’t do it anymore. I wish I didn’t give a rat’s ass about the boy, but there was something about him that touched an instinctual part inside of me, a part that had forcibly condemned me to act in his best interests, regardless of what they were.

My eyes were extremely dry, and I continuously blinked them in attempt to relieve the stickiness of my eyelids. I couldn’t take it anymore! As I thrashed my head from side to side, I became inexplicably frantic and agitated. My entire body slammed into the metal examination table. During the odd moment of the abrupt loss of control, I twisted my hips until the bones scraped against the table. The restraints that tightly held my ankles allowed me a slight semblance of freedom, but unfortunately, the thought only served to further infuriate me.

Two men rushed into the room. I could smell their stink and the disgusting body odor that clung to most of the people in the compound. Usually the soldiers’ control over us triggered a violent reaction, but not that time. No, that was something entirely different. My body welcomed the interruption, and I was grateful for the sense of calm that poured over me.

Neither man spoke a single word to me. They stood there with their callused hands holding me down. My lungs and chest shook with adrenaline, but eventually my body sagged and rested on the top of the table. The beeping from the vitals monitor no longer perturbed me. On the contrary, it now gave my mind a steady and consistent focus on something other than my thoughts and physical ailments.

I opened my eyes when I heard the door swoosh as it opened, and before me stood the head scientist who had become so god damn angry with me earlier. It was unusual how betrayed the man appeared when I chose to swallow the water from the cow trough … to end my life, my suffering, my existence.

His eyes lacked the fury they once held. They appeared implacable as if they disassociated themselves from the situation at hand. I closely watched the man as he walked towards a set of drawers. He withdrew a bottle and some latex gloves. When he pulled an odd machine and monitor towards the bed, my body jerked in protest, but once again the men pushed me down and firmly held me against the exam table.

The scientist squeezed a cold, chilling gel on my stomach. As he pressed the instrument into the gel and rubbed it around in a circular motion, an odd curiosity flowed over me. He adjusted the monitor, turning it so that he could easily inspect the unusual grey and grainy pictures displayed on the screen. I had been there twice before, and the scientist always walked away with apparent regret and disappoint. However, today, everything was different as his eyes lit up in fascination, in wonder and excitement.

He squirted more gel onto my chest and once again glided the instrument over my skin. I could see my heart beating in my chest. Intrigue and awe must have shown in my face because the asshole quickly removed the instrument. The screen went blank, and he pushed the cart away from the bed. With a wave of his hand, he quickly dismissed the men from their duty to restrain me. Unlike the other instances when he would simply leave the room after huffing his breath and sighing, his hand gently touched my shin. The coldness from his fingers shocked me, and my body leapt upwards and away from the table.

“It is too late for you to save the boy. The transition is already underway, and soon you will fear him just as you cringe from my men who fiercely take you and make you squeal in delight. No, it’s too late indeed. The time has come for you to think about more than just yourself or that pitiful boy whom you so stringently protect. Forget him, for soon he will morph into a beast so profoundly beautiful that not even I will be able to withstand him. I leave you with this one piece of advice, my dear. Watch the boy closely, and if your survival instincts kick in when you witness horrors that will haunt you for all your days to come … run.”

The whispered threat set my body on fire in ways I couldn’t possibly comprehend. Clearly, the man was threatening me with unknown changes and consequences, but I was incapable bring myself to heed his warnings. Sebastian would never harm me. We shared a unique, intimate connection that would not be severed by the dreadful existence we endured together.


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